France Rachat Auto

We are proud to present our comprehensive branding work for “FRANCE RACHAT AUTO,” a company specialized in buying used cars. Our goal was to create a distinctive visual identity and an optimized user experience through the graphic charter, logo, and website design. Graphic Charter: We developed a vibrant and professional color palette, reflecting the reliability […]


Sketch finalized by AI

Sketch on paper finalized digitally by AI. The result is intriguing.  The goal : The UFT logo elegantly combines the majestic strength of the lion with the honor and discipline of the samurai to create an image that evokes power, bravery, and respect. The UFT logo is more than just a graphic representation; it is […]


Robot Figure 1

The latest generation of robots capable of performing particularly astonishing tasks. The robotics company Figure has recently concluded a collaboration agreement with OpenAI for the development of next-generation AI models that will power its humanoid robots. At the same time, the company has closed a $675 million funding round with the support of prestigious investors, […]


Interior design of a restaurant

The renovation of the restaurant “LE RITAL” with the integration of wooden moldings and plants brings a touch of elegance and warmth to the already welcoming atmosphere of the establishment.The wooden moldings create a beautiful and timeless framework for the restaurant’s interior. Their subtle yet significant presence adds a touch of luxury and tradition, inviting […]


Branding Le Rital

Paix sur vous ! Branding du logo “LE RITAL” Le logo “LE RITAL” conçu par Tayeb K incarne l’essence même de l’authentique cuisine italienne avec une touche de modernité et d’originalité.La signalétique unique de ce logo se distingue par sa typographie élégante et stylisée, où les lettres s’entrelacent harmonieusement pour former un ensemble distinctif et […]


L’Importance du Design Graphique dans la Restauration

  Bienvenue dans l’univers créatif de Tayeb Koncept Studio 40, où l’art de la gastronomie et le design graphique fusionnent pour créer une expérience visuelle inoubliable. Nous sommes fiers de faire de la qualité graphique notre spécialité, particulièrement en ce qui concerne la conception de menus, afin d’élever l’image de votre restaurant. L’Importance du Design […]