Discover the inspiring story behind the creation of the ‘Calendar of the Heart’.

The “Calendar of the Heart” for the victims of the earthquake in Morocco is a humanitarian and cultural initiative aimed at supporting those affected by the seismic disaster. Created for the year 2024, this calendar goes beyond its traditional function by incorporating Moroccan customs and craftsmanship.

Tayeb Koncept Studio 40 meticulously designed this annual calendar to reflect the visual identity of Morocco. The vibrant colors, traditional patterns, and artistic photographs represent the richness of Moroccan culture. Each month is a canvas evoking unity, solidarity, and craftsmanship.

You will delve into the details of its creation, from the moving designs to the efforts made to provide concrete support. Explore how the initiative has turned hope into action, with each sale contributing to the reconstruction of affected homes.

Join us on this humanitarian journey and discover how a simple calendar can make a significant difference. If you wish to participate in the project, please contact the coordinator: 06 20 34 14 82.

Our modest contribution:

Creation of the calendar mock-up, presenting the main values and traditions of this emotionally rich country, Morocco.


Join the project !

This initiative stems from the generosity and compassion of a sister from the Sallaumines mosque, who felt the need to make a significant contribution to the lives of those affected by the earthquake in Morocco. Her commitment was strengthened in partnership with the communication agency Tayeb Koncept SARL to bring the “Heart Calendar 2024” to life.

The calendar features designs imbued with sensitivity and solidarity, carefully created to reflect the spirit of Morocco. Each month of the calendar showcases the history, customs, and craftsmanship of the affected community.

Support for Reconstruction : The proceeds from the sale of each calendar will be entirely dedicated to rebuilding the homes of earthquake victims in Morocco. This concrete action aims to provide direct support to families who have lost their homes in this natural disaster.

Humanitarian Commitment of Tayeb Koncept SARL : Tayeb Koncept SARL is fully committed to ensuring transparency in the use of funds generated by the calendar sales. Our goal is to make a real difference in the lives of those affected, contributing significantly to their reconstruction.

Press Article on the Awareness Campaign:

Join the Initiative : By purchasing the “Heart Calendar 2024”, you become an essential link in this chain of solidarity. Join us in this humanitarian initiative, support the cause, and contribute to the reconstruction of homes in Morocco.

Thank you for being part of this action that embodies kindness and compassion in service of those in greatest need!


You can contact the project manager for the “Heart Calendar” at 06 20 34 14 82 by phone

You can contact us at the following email address :