Branding Project for “FRANCE RACHAT AUTO” by our agency Tayeb Koncept Studio 40

We are proud to present our comprehensive branding work for “FRANCE RACHAT AUTO,” a company specialized in buying used cars. Our goal was to create a distinctive visual identity and an optimized user experience through the graphic charter, logo, and website design.

Graphic Charter :
We developed a vibrant and professional color palette, reflecting the reliability and modernity of “FRANCE RACHAT AUTO.” The typographic choices were carefully selected to ensure optimal readability while conveying a sense of trust and accessibility.

Logo :
The logo of “FRANCE RACHAT AUTO” embodies the very essence of the company: its commitment to offering a transparent and efficient service in the car buyback sector. By using simple and memorable graphic elements, we created a visually strong brand, easily recognizable across all media.

Website Design :
The website design was conceived to offer an intuitive user experience. Through smooth navigation and clear interfaces, we highlighted the services of “FRANCE RACHAT AUTO” while making essential information easily accessible to users.

Our Process :
– Research for the design database
– Meetings and graphic studies regarding the project
– Design of the graphic charter and logo
– Implementation of the website design according to the graphic charter

Expected Impact :

We are confident that this new visual identity will strengthen “FRANCE RACHAT AUTO’s” credibility in the market, thereby attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

We anticipate a significant improvement in brand recognition and commercial performance thanks to this strategic redesign.









In Conclusion :

Our collaboration with “FRANCE RACHAT AUTO” has been rewarding, and we look forward to seeing the positive results of this ambitious branding project. We are available to answer any questions and explore further opportunities to continue evolving this brand identity with you.